Summer School 2023 on Transnational Family Dynamics in Europe

Sinds 2018 organiseren we bij het einde van het academiejaar een zomercursus op onze campus. Het centrale thema heeft steeds te maken met de opvang en begeleiding van gezinnen en kinderen op de vlucht, en hoe we die kunnen verbeteren.

Summer School 2023 ‘Transnational Family Dynamics in Europe’

Families that are geographically dispersed by economic or forced migration; families in which one member works abroad almost continuously; families in which a (usually) young person lives abroad for an extended period for study or internship,... Clearly, the reality of transnational families is very divers.

Learn about the growing, rapidly changing phenomenon and dynamics of transnational families!

Join us for an International Summer School in the heart of Europe. Internationally acknowledged lecturers, experienced guest speakers, interactive workshops engaging practitioners from the field and off-campus excursions will make this Summer School informative AND fun.

From Monday 26 June until Wednesday 5 July 2023, the summer school: Transnational Family Dynamics in Europe was organised at the campus in Schaarbeek (Brussels). 


What? Families that are geographically dispersed due to economic or forced migration; families in which a member works abroad almost continuously; families in which a (mostly) young person lives abroad for a longer period for study or internship,… Obviously, the realities of transnational families are very different. By attending this summer school, participants will get an improved understanding of the growing, rapidly changing phenomenon and dynamics of transnational families.

  • The theoretical basis in lectures and workshops will be offered by an internationally composed team of specialized psychologists and social scientists. 
  • Field visits of organizations working with transnational families, refugee families and children… will confront the participants with relevant methodologies and how to apply them in this context.
  • We promote exchanges between researchers and stakeholders from different countries, disciplines, and research communities on transnational families.

Language? English, as we are expecting participants from Germany, The Netherlands, Turkey, the United States... 

Target groups?

  • Undergraduate students (2nd, 3rd and 4th grade) of social education who want to develop a broader view on social work and counselling work with transnational families, both on a theoretical and methodological level. 
    All students participating, will get 3 ECTS-points. In order to receive them, all parts of the programme are mandatory.
  • (Young) professionals, early career investigators and practitioners from social work and welfare organizations will be offered a specific programme during the first week (26-30 June), based on their needs. If they cannot attend the whole programme, they can choose for some specific lectures or workshops of their interest.
  • Researchers in the field of transnational families and the changing dynamics.


Fees for students:

  • FREE: Students from the COST network and Odisee (after approval)
  • €250: Other students

Fees for professionals:

  • Participation fee for the complete programme for professionals is €300 (26-30 June 2023)
  • Participation fee for 1 day is €60
  • Participation fee for 1 lecture or workshop is €30

More information? In the flyer or via


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