Our vision

Building on the strength of families, empowering the connection between individuals and society

The Centre for Family Studies performs practice-oriented, applied research from the perspective of families, aiming to strengthen their functioning and well-being.

What motivates us - What we believe in

Families are the first context in which individuals and citizens develop. One's family of origin largely determines the opportunities available to one. 

  • We are committed to a society that fairly provides the best opportunities to all families.

Families are diverse in terms of their composition, background and worldview.

  • We are committed to supporting families based on their strengths and protecting the basic rights of each family member.

Families are dynamic and constantly take on new roles at different stages of life (e.g. when transitioning from partnership to parenthood, or caring for parents and grandchildren). They encounter a variety of challenges in different social domains: from childcare and education, to the labour market and elderly care.

  • We aim to put the perspective of families at the centre in all domains and ask attention to their questions and needs. We call for extra attention to families living in fragility. 

The difficulties families face are very diverse in nature and can have a major impact on their well-being and developmental opportunities.

  • We strongly believe in the motivation of parents and children to be committed to the functioning and well-being of each family member.
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