Our mission


What we do

From the perspective of families: 

  • we conduct practice-oriented, policy-preparatory and - advisory scientific research, which often results in practical tools that our partners, work field and policy can work with; 
  • we provide civil services, in interaction with the work field. We are part of advisory councils and working groups, we give lectures and training courses, we supervise processes and set up projects, we inform the press; 
  • we promote the debate on families, relationships and parenting through publications and events.

We do this in a diverse-sensitive and actively pluralist approach.

Who do we often collaborate with?

We work closely with various Odisee-courses, especially Family Sciences and Psychosocial Gerontology

We are committed to a multidisciplinary approach to families. 

As a 'co-college', we actively cooperate with partners in the professional field of social work and the civil society in an atmosphere of openness and dialogue, with the objective of strengthening each other.

Who are we working for?

Our main target groups are:

  • social professionals who work with families on a daily basis and whom we want to empower in this process; 
  • organisations in the professional field of social work and the civil society who advocate for the interests of families and whom we wish to strengthen in this process; 
  • various governments who develop policy for families and whom we wish to advise in this process.
Aula Mimosa