Families and Migration

The Centre for Family Studies works to promote ideological dialogue, intercultural encounters and suitable support for all families, regardless of their origin or composition. In this sense, diversity is often a theme of our projects. 
The common thread here is that we see the impact of worldviews on family relationships as a motivation and source of strength, without forgetting that our diverse society also involves problems.

But diversity-sensitive working is also an attitude. Our core themes, families, relationships and parenting, are never neutral, in the sense that they are always linked to ideology, culture, class and era. Families are diverse. But researchers too have diverse backgrounds. Being aware of our own position and understanding that of others is a basic attitude of our research.

Our research centre has a long tradition of projects that actively take into account the diversity of families. We also do a lot of research on the living conditions of parents and children from refugee families and how these persons can be better supported. 



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